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Proposal of China Stone Association to fight against new pneumonia

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新型冠狀病毒感染的肺炎疫情發生以來,習近平總書記高度重視,多次作出重要指示,對做好疫情防控工作、打贏疫情防控阻擊戰提出了明確要求。1月 30 日,國務院國資委協會黨建局印發《關于行業協會加強黨的領導 為打贏疫情防控阻擊戰提供堅強政治保證的通知》(協會黨建[2020]1 號),對疫情防控工作提出進一步要求。目前,防治新型肺炎疫情工作己進入關鍵時刻,為此中國石材協會向全行業發出如下倡議:

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus infection pneumonia, general secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to it, and has made important instructions several times, which has made clear requests for the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the fight against epidemic prevention and control. On January 30, the Party Construction Bureau of the association of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council printed and distributed the notice on strengthening the leadership of the party by industry associations to provide strong political guarantee for winning the prevention and control of epidemic situation (Association party construction [2020] No. 1), which put forward further requirements for the prevention and control of epidemic situation. At present, the prevention and control of new pneumonia has entered a critical moment, so China Stone Association issued the following proposals to the whole industry:


1、 All local stone association organizations and stone enterprises should improve their political positions, strengthen their responsibilities, conscientiously implement the specific requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for epidemic prevention and control, attach great importance to the work in ideology, firmly implement the requirements that the epidemic is an order and the prevention and control is a responsibility in action, achieve group prevention and control, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Party members and cadres should be brave enough to take on the responsibilities, give full play to the role of vanguard and model, and take the lead in the prevention and control of epidemic situation.


2、 We should pay high attention to the health of employees, formulate and implement epidemic prevention and control measures and safeguard measures concerning employees' health and safety; actively popularize the knowledge of prevention and control, effectively improve the level of protection and response ability; reasonably arrange employees' holidays, isolation time and epidemic prevention measures in the office area during working hours; reduce unnecessary outings of employees, such as before Employees shall be equipped with necessary protective equipment, wear protective masks in a standardized manner, and do a good job in personal safety protection.


3、 Actively cooperate with the local government's epidemic prevention work, obey the command and delay the commencement as much as possible; arrange special personnel to contact the enterprise staff, cooperate with the local government to do a good job in the daily epidemic statistics work, and make the situation data timely, complete, true and reliable; organize the statistical investigation of the personnel who return to the production after the festival, and formulate the corresponding control measures and standards for the production resumption; after the commencement, It is necessary to avoid arranging employees of enterprises to go to areas with high incidence of epidemic and organizing meetings and activities in closed, airless public places and densely populated places.


4、 One side has difficulties, and the other side supports it. In this war, the stone industry should give full play to the cohesion, sense of responsibility and love of stone people, actively respond to the call of the national and local Party committees and governments, donate money and materials, and support the local anti new pneumonia war with practical actions. Association organizations at all levels should do a good job in public opinion guidance and publicity, actively publicize the positive energy of the industry's epidemic prevention and control work, publicize and report the touching deeds and advanced models in the industry's epidemic prevention and control, donation and materials in the epidemic Resistance War. At the same time, it is hoped that local associations and enterprises will report all kinds of advanced deeds to China Stone Association.


The whole industry should take action, work together, unite as one, fight together, and implement the requirements of the party and the government for the prevention and control of the epidemic and win the prevention and control of the epidemic. We firmly believe that with the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the institutional advantage of concentrating on major issues, we will win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!

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