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How to identify good and bad quality stone?

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A concept, that the naked eye stone surface structure. In general, the uniform fine structure of the stone material with a delicate texture, the stone of high quality goods: ranging from coarse grain structure of the stone and the appearance of its poor mechanical properties are not uniform, slightly lower quality. In addition, the role of the geological impact of stone which often have some minor cracks in stone along these areas most likely to rupture, should pay attention to remove. As for the lack of angular effects is beautiful, especially when the choice should be noted.
Two volume, that is, the amount of stone sizes, so as not to affect splicing, or cause splicing patterns, patterns, lines, deformation, affecting the decorative effect.
Three, that is, listen to stone percussion sounds. In general, good quality stone clear and melodious sound of their percussion; the contrary, if the existence of micro cracks within the stone or indirect result of weathering result thixotropic loose particles, then the percussion sound gruff.
Four test, which uses a simple test method to test the quality of stone is good or bad. Usually in the back of stone ink drops on a small grain, such as leaching of ink quickly disperse, the particles within the stone is loose or that there are gaps, poor quality stone; the other hand, if the ink droplets in stagnant, then the dense texture of good stone
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